[News] 2NE1 & the Most Popular K-POP Artists Gather in Japan!

With DBSK, 2PM, [2NE1] and such, 12 groups have hurried over to Osaka together for a charity concert hosted by the Korean broadcasting company SBS, titled as "The Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Aid Seoul-Osaka Music of Heart 2011 'FIGHTING JAPAN'".

Yesterday (June 7th), not less than 30,000 enthusiastic fans assembled at the Kyocera Dome Osaka for one miraculous night, becoming a melting pot of enthusiasm and excitement. The participating artists as well as the setlist that they followed with, everything will be detailed in this report!

The concert started at 6:30PM. An enormous screen was set up and the names of the artists were projected over it one by one. Loud cheers were raised all over the concert hall.

At one breath, the concert grounds had wildly changed into a dance hall as the 4-member hip-hop girl group 2NE1 came out! A burst of silver confetti danced around the stage, the audience getting up to dance as well! The girls performed "Fire", "Go Away" and "Can't Nobody".

The girls are regarded as fashion leaders, showcasing that and their individual styles with their clothing. Even if there was a large number of girls in the hall donned in rock fashion, they raised loud cheers for the girls.

Although there are no 2NE1 fancams, fancam laws in Japan are notoriously strict, comments from jfans who attend have been very positive.

SBS is expected to air the concert at some future date, we will let you know when we confirm when the concert will air.

Source: Oricon, http://lmaga.jp/blog/news/2011/06/-12.html, ygleaders ameblo
Photos re-uploaded by nyxtime@YGLadies.com
Translated by Jinhae @ygladies.com

T/N: Sections about other artists omitted.