[Interview] May Song Of The Month "Lonely" 2ne1's Interview For Cyworld

Q.1 Congratulations! You gained the honor having won Digital Music Award ‘Song of the Month’ for being the most beloved artist this month of May. Can you share your thoughts on this?

[CL] First of all, I truly want to thank everyone for loving 2NE1′s song. We are really happy and surprised because we received so much love by many even though we had no broadcasting activities.

Q.2 Many people might probably already know the song “Lonely”, but please introduce the winning song.

[Dara] “Lonely” is a little different from the other songs that 2NE1 have shown. I think this song shows the distinctive voice of each member. This song consists of an acoustic guitar and string instruments sound only which is slow tempo. This is Teddy’s song and the lyrics say we can feel the loneliness even though there’s a significant other next to us.

Q.3 Lonely has topped with only one broadcast. Are there any frustration because you couldn’t perform unique performance and stage of 2NE1?

[MINZY] I think a performance begins to shine when that performance can prop a song. We thought that ‘Lonely’ could harmonize with the performance which people can immerse more than with a powerful performance. We will show 2NE1′s unique and cool performance through another song.

Q.4 Many of your songs are being loved besides this winning song. Please introduce your favorite songs that 2NE1 have shown.

[BOM] It’s very hard to choose only one song because there are episodes with our songs. I’ll choose ‘Lonely’ for we are showing it now. Nowadays we really sing ‘Lonely’a lot and this line, “Even if I’m with you, I’m so lonely” expresses the loneliness well. It’s a bit cold-hearted don’t you think?

Q.5 We look forward to your next song you are due to show. Please tell us any broadcast plans or album plans.

[DARA] We’ve been very busy since we are preparing our next mini album. We are practicing new songs and performances and waiting to show you that. Please look forward to it!

Q.6 If you have one free day from your busy day, what would you do?

[DARA] I would like to go on a summer vacation because it is getting hot! I want to go on a preparatory summer vacation. Maybe in the summertime. Our first solo concert is scheduled in the summer! And we have to present our mini album with songs fitting for the summer so we might be busier than before.

Q. 7 And lastly, please say something to the cyworld fans out there ^^

[CL] We are always happy because we have you who love our music! We’re preparing to get close to you again with better music, album, and our concert. I ask for your continued love. Thank you!

Trans:by: DCidiot@CLTheBaddestFemale.com