[INT] ZE:A Japan B-PASS Magazine No.7, interview

1. Your favourite songs in the album?
Junyoung: Here I Am
Kevin: Special Day
Kwanghee: Be My Girl
Taeheon: Again
Siwan: Be My Girl
Heechul: Again
Minwoo: Special Day
Hyungsik: Again
Dongjun: Here I Am

2. When is a good time to listen to songs from the album?
Junyoung: It'll be nice to enjoy listening to them during a drive.
Kevin: It'll be nice to listen it at a home party with everyone gathered.
Kwanghee: Anytime, anywhere.
Taeheon: In place of your alarm in the mornings.
Siwan: It'll be nice to listen to it while resting in your room.
Heechul: 통근할때 Wouldn't your mood improve when listening to them while commuting in a subway?
Minwoo: It will be nice if our song comes out in a club while dancing.
Hyungsik: It will be good to listen to them when gathered with friends at night.
Dongjun: Good as a background music while jogging?

3. Favourite color?
Junyoung: White
Kevin: Pink
Kwanghee: Oranghe
Taeheon: Blue
Siwan: White
Heechul: Sky blue
Minwoo: Red
Hyungsik: Silver
Dongjun: Black

4. If you had to recommend a Japanese dish that you've fallen into eating recently?
Junyoung: Tonkatsu
Kevin: Sushi
Kwanghee: Ramyeon
Taeheon: Hamburg Steak
Siwan: Fried shrimp (Or prawn tempura)
Heechul: Shabu-shabu
Minwoo: Yakisoba
Hyungsik: Takoyaki
Dongjun: Sushi

5. An artiste or song that you like recently?
Junyoung: The songs of senior artistes like TVXQ.
Kevin: Justin Timberlake, etc.
Kwanghee: Miss A and Jewelry, etc - songs of girl groups.
Taeheon: I've been writing and composing rap recently, so I listen to both American and Korean songs.
Siwan: Lady GaGa.
Heechul: KARA and Girls' Generation, etc - songs of girl groups.
Minwoo: I check out all of the hit songs that go on K-POP charts.
Hyungsik: Wheesung.
Dongjun: Songs that come in Aladdin, the musical I'm doing (I listen to all the versions).

6. Something you'd do for sure before you sleep at night?
Junyoung: To monitor the broadcasts I appear on.
Kevin: Pray (as a Christian).
Kwanghee: Skincare.
Taeheon: Memorizing lyrics.
Siwan: Listening to songs.
Heechul: Monitor the broadcasts I appear on.
Minwoo: Checking my email.
Hyungsik: Playing computer games.
Dongjun: Stretching.

7. What is the thing you have to bring along anywhere you go?
Junyoung: A mini-pillow for travelling purposes (so that I can sleep while travelling).
Kevin: A amulet necklace I received from my family.
Kwanghee: Skincare products.
Taeheon: iPod (because I am always listening to music).
Siwan: Pajamas.
Heechul: iPod.
Minwoo: iPad.
Hyungsik: iPad (to play games).
Dongjun: Sports shoes.

9. A Japanese phrase you like recently.
Junyoung: Are you ready?
Kevin: Got it!
Kwanghee: Cute, pretty.
Taeheon: It's difficult.
Siwan: ええんちゃう (T/N: There is no direct translation to English.)
Heechul: We'll move on to the next thing.
Minwoo: Didn't I get it wrong?
Hyungsik: Please listen to it.
Dongjun: The best!

10. If you had a long summer holiday, what would you like to do or where would you like to go?
Junyoung: A trip around the World.
Kevin: I want to go to Australia and see my parents.
Kwanghee: I want to go on a trip to European countries such as France and Italy.
Taeheon: I want to go on a trip with my family.
Siwan: I want to go shopping at fashionable places like New York, Paris.
Heechul: Since I have relatives in Japan, I want to stay there for a while and go to a variety of place.
Minwoo: Study dance in New York.
Hyungsik: Watch a musical in Broadway.
Dongjun: I want to go watch soccer tournaments.

Credit: zeabyzea for korean trans + skipfire @ EmpireChildren for translations