[INFO/TRANS] 2AM and Lee Hyun in Brazil!

The male quartet 2AM and singer and member of the trio 8Eight, Lee Hyun, will go to Brazil in August for an exclusive show for their Brazilian fans!!!
The show, which will be will be on the 6th of August in Sao Paulo, will be carried out by the Korean Cultural Centre, the QUM had been planned for a while until we received confirmation that the dream of attending a concert with Korean artists in Brazil was really happening.

Jo Kwon, Changmin, Seulong and Lee Hyun, part of BigHit Entertainment, will arrive in Brazil on the afternoon of the 4th of August, and leaving at dawn on the 7th. Sadly, maknae Jinwoon of 2AM will not be able to attend due to his solo debut happening at the same time.
But don’t be discouraged, we know that even without Jinwoon’s presence, the concert will be daebak and we hope that 2AM, Lee Hyun, and their team will be shocked at the love they will receive from Brazilian fans!

Don’t miss it! Tickets go on sale next week!

Artists: 2AM and Lee Hyun
Guests: REBORN and God’s Image
Datw: August 6, 2011 (Saturday)
Time: Starts at 7pm
Location: IMOSP (Igreja Missionária Oriental de São Paulo)
Rua Mamoré, 71 -- Bom Retiro. São Paulo -- SP
Tickets: will on sale on June 20th (they will not be on sale online and there will be no student discount)
R$80,00 seated front row
R$30,00 back, standing
On sale at: QUM -- Rua Lubavitch, 79 -- Bom Retiro
Mercado Ottogui -- Rua Três Rio, 245 -- Bom Retiro
Mercado Lotte -- Rua Prates, 354 -- Bom Retiro
Restaurante BICOL -- Praça General Polidoro, 111 -- Aclimação

For more information contact: Karina Park: (11) 7207-8119 or Pastor JeeBum(Jhibóm) no QUM: (11) 3337-1203

Source Sarangingayo
Translated by Feathergun @ W2D