[INFO] Temptation of Wolves Synopsis & Character Descriptions

A rural girl Hankyung who moved to a school in Seoul to live with her mom.
Clumsy~ Her life in Seoul is an endless cycle of physical and mental shock!
Also, before even adjusting to her new school, two hot guys claim her as theirs…
Those two guys are Ban Haewon and Jung Taesung!
But these two guys are extraordinary.
The girls at school chase them around like clouds and they fight so well…
What do I have that these guys are being so nice to me?

Hankyung who is in confusion over these two guys’ love and can’t decide her heart.
Taesung who has a fateful secret that he cannot love Hankyung.
Haewon who found out late about Taesung’s secret.
These three friends’ heart wrenching and tearful story reaches to an end…

A scene from the actual script

“Guys, you heard the story about Mangwon high’s two legends, right?"

“Of course, we know!”
“Teacher, but why do you ask?”
“Tell us~ tell us~”

“Then now, you guys have to listen carefully!
Because the legend of the world’s greatest wolf is starting”

(The light turns on and it’s the scene of the classroom once again. The teacher is standing resolute and the students look touched and sad)

“That is the legend of the wolf.
Mangwon high’s greatest legend was completed as a tragedy like that.”

“Ah, a sad thing happened to those hyungnims…
It was so much cooler to listen to it like this!
It sounded more real because you Teacher experienced it!
But Teacher, what happened to the rest of the people?”

“Umm… a year later, we…”

The wolves we loved, their hidden story starts.

Character descriptions
[Jung Taesung] A lonely wolf
Male, 18 years old. Mangwon high’s fighting champ. He’s also a half-brother of Jung Hankyung.

[Ban Haewon] A charming wolf
Male, 18 years old. The leader of Haewon group at Mangwon high who is the popularity king. He has a crush on Jung Hankyung and is a part of the love triangle.

[Jung Hankyung]
Female, 19 years old. A clumsy high school student who just came from a rural area and has innocence.

[Doo Bonjae]
Male, 18 years old. Haewon group’s eternal 2nd place. Haewon’s right arm who always lacks something.

Female, 19 years old. A tomboyish student who is friends with Taesung and Haewon. She has a crush on Taesung.

Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM