[INFO] Starship Entertainment's official Facebook page

Korean record label Starship Entertainment announced their official Facebook page on Twitter.

Only about an hour from the launching, there's already more than 950 fans liking the page! They've also posted a few pictures of rookie group Boyfriend, from their first fan meeting. Check them out below!

Boyfriend did their 1st fan meeting on 19th June! Thank you all who came to support us. we really had so much fun.

KwangMin is enjoying his time with fans! Happy moment. from Boyfriend's 1st fan meeting.

YoungMin's smile makes fans happy, doesn't he? :) from Boyfriend's 1st fan meeting.

Lots of rookie groups are coming out now. And more entertainment companies are opening official Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and YouTube channels. Korean wave hits the world!

Source: @STARSHIPent
written by @theailona for dkpopnews.net
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