[INFO] Regarding Dalmatian's new Japanese show


110606 Regarding Dalmatian's new Japanese show

Project in making DALMATIAN the greatest idol

Starting on July 4th!
Trending boy band DALMATIAN is accomplishing missions in order to rise on top in Japan!

With Japan currently booming with K - POP, a lot of idol groups are heading to Japan in becoming Hanllyu stars. 6-member boy band DALMATIAN made their debut last September in 2010 and in order to succeed in becoming one of the trending K - POP stars, they show the progression in preparing to rise in Japan (currently member DARI is enlisted). The missions DALMATIAN are given is Japanese, best body (and in order to have one, they experience what it's like to be in the Navy), fashion show walking! With the difficult training in order to become the greatest idols, you can see as true stars of how much they grow; will we be able to see them stand confidently in rising in Japan? You can see it yourself of the results of their efforts! In the footsteps of becoming K - POP stars, "DALMATIAN Greatest Idol Project"! Anticipate it!

- Broadcast days : (Monday) 2:45PM ~ 3:00PM
- Re-broadcast : (Monday) 12:45AM ~ 1:00AM
(Monday) 10:30AM ~ 10:45AM
- Featuring : DALMATIAN
- Total of 13 episodes
※ It will broadcast on MNET Japan