[INFO] Immortal Song 2 Recording: Song List

1. Jiyoon (4Minute) & Lee Sejun - 이별 이야기 (Breakup Story)

2. Hyorin (SISTAR) & Shin Yongjae (4Men) - 이제는 (Now)

3. Changmin (2AM) & Lee Hyun (8Eight) - 바다에 누워 (Lying Down At The Sea)

4. Lee Hongki (FT Island) & Kim Heechul (SUJU) - 조조할인 (Early Morning Discount/Reduced Admission Fee)

5. Junsu (2PM) & Lee Younghyun (Big Mama) - 우리 사랑 이대로 (Our Love Still Continues)

6. G.O. (MBLAQ) & Lim Junghee/J.Lim - 사랑보다 깊은 상처 (A Deeper Wound Than Love)

Jiyoon from 4Minute coming in to replace Jieun until she comes back. This must be a duet special for the 1st competition where they’re ranked, not the 2nd competition where the 200 audience members vote for the winner. And apparently, Hyorin didn’t do well this time o.o Well, I guess we’ll have to wait until the broadcast which I’m guessing is next week, not this week lol Don’t quote me on that please =P

Source: adoseofsistar