[INFO] The BOSS revelation + KIMCHI event press conference

The BOSS, along with Park Jungmin, X-5, Super Junior, and Girl's day, went to the KIMCHI press conference. They have announced in the said event that they want to collaborate with their label-mates X-5. They were proud to debut in Japan. However, they have had difficulties learning the language. Nevertheless, their dream to debut pushed them to work even harder and pursue the entertainment industry in Japan. They were amazed on how passionate and persistent the Japanese citizens are to rebuild their home that they actually want to compose a song just for Japan and it's citizens.
They also talked about their unique style and image in the conference. They said that they'll choose either pink or another bright color to show a cute image and black if they want to change their image to a cool/bad boy feel for their fans. However, they do discuss these matters more with their stylist.
A shocking and exciting revelation that came from The BOSS' mouths is that they are now preparing for their new Korean album.

Source: biatensai | KIMCHI press conference