Do you have a "KPop room"?

Some readers tweeted us on Twitter asking our help to promote their photos.So i clicked and took a look at the photos shared,i was surprised to see their KPop collections and their room's decoration,so i came out with this idea.

I am pretty sure many of you decorate your room with the posters of your favourite idols,have a rack to display your KPop albums and some other KPop related goodies.

If you don't mind to show the world how organised your KPop room is,you can send us the photos of your KPop room,we will post them on our site to share with readers around the world.Please note that each participant's photos will be posted in a new post,we will start collecting photos today and might host a mini contest for readers to vote for the best KPop rooms in the future!

Criteria that you need to fulfill:
1.)You have at least 50 KPop goodies
2.)You purchase original KPop goodies
3.)Submit a minimum of 10 photos (Must have a photo that gives a general idea of your room)

Some photos of my room here,not really a KPop room,just an example,definitely not a good one ^^ 

When you are ready,you can send your photos to my email together with some basic infos such as your Name,Nationality and Twitter or Facebook (we will link the post to your Twitter or Facebook page)

You can start submitting your photos after reading this post.If you wanna take photos of your monitor hopefully you can display DKPOPNEWS' homepage on your monitor,your cooperation is highly appreciated,thanks!