[DKP Exclusive] KIMCHI 2011 with Super Junior, Park jungmin, Girls Day, X5 and The boss!

KIMCHI 2011 Event held last night was a blast!
The show was held at Istora Senayan, Jakarta Indonesia on 4th June and the concert turned out as a huge success. The event started around 6:30PM.Before the concert started, the VCR of KIMCHI 2011 was played which brought much cheering by fans.

The first artist to perform is The Boss, as they promised at the Press Conference they performed 5 songs in total, and started their performance with Tokyo Boy and ended up their performance "Biteul Biteul".

The Boss said that it was their first time visiting Indonesia, Indonesia has beautiful sceneries and they were thankful that they can perform in Indonesia.Then they added that Indonesian people are humble. They also said some other sentences in Indonesia such as ,"Aku Cinta Indonesia" which means "I Love Indonesia".

X-5 performed after The Boss. They have performed 3 songs in total. and ended up their performance last with "Don't Show Up". During the last song, "Don't Show Up", X-5's leader, Ghun buttoned off his shirt which caused fangirls to scream.They showed off their language skills by saying "Aku Cinta Fans Indonesia" which means "I Love Indonesian fans".

Girl's Day performed after that. Theyperformed 3 songs in Total including 'Nothing Last Forever', their recent song 'Twinkle Twinkle' and 'How Do I Look'.

Park Jungmin appeared after that!He performed 3 songs too, including his recent song 'Not Alone'. Park Jungmin said that he felt like he's performing at his hometown right now, as fans were so enthusiastic. just like other performers, he said some Indonesian sentences such as "Terima kasih" (Thank You) and "Saya sangat senang bertemu kalian" (I am very pleased to meet you).

And, finally the main artist, Super Junior appearaed! Unfortunately medias were allowed to cover 2 last songs only(Rokkugo and Sorry-Sorry) so we didn't manage to cover 4 other songs ('Miina' , 'No Other' and 2 Songs from Super Junior M, 'Perfection' and 'Super Girl').Super Junior, slipped some Indonesian sentences . Leeteuk said "Assalamualaikum" to greet all the audiences. "Aku Sangat Cinta Kamu" which mean I really Love You". Super Junior also praised indonesian girls,saying that they are pretty,the continued to say "Saya suka Indonesia Gadis" which means "I really like Indonesian girls". Eunhyuk also managed to say his famous line , "You are so Gorgeous, I am so gorgeous".

The concert ended with the choir from korean kids singing "Heal The World" along with the performers.

Check out the other photos taken during the concert,i definitely enjoyed the concert very much!


Credit / Article : Imaayu @ dkpopnews.net