[DKP Exclusive] KIMCHI 2011 Press Conference with Park Jungmin, Girls Day, The Boss and X-5!

Dkpopnews was invited to attend the Press Conference for KIMCHI 2011!Girls Day, Park Jungmin, The Boss and X-5 appeared on the press conference!

The Press Conference was held at Golden Ballroom The Sultan Hotel,Jakarta, Indonesia. It started around 7:15PM, delayed 15 Minutes from the scheduled time.

The MC of the Press Conference was none other than Edric Tjandra who will also be the MC of tonight's concert

The first artists appeared was SS501's member, Park Jungmin. Before he started the Question and Answer session, he spoke in Indonesian, "Aku senang bertemu kalian,Selamat malam" which means "I'm pleased to meet you guys, Good Night"and also said "Aku Cinta Kamu" which means "I Love You" during the Press Conference. Jungmin also mentioned that This is his first time in indonesia and he was impressed by the fans' responses.

He revealed that he will release a brand new japanese album around this summer, he stated that before he came to Indonesia, he finished recording one japanase song.For his korean album,it might be released around the end of this or next year.

Eventually he ended his session by saying "Terima Kasih" which means "Thank You"!

The Next artist is Girls Day. They said, when they first arrived in Indonesia, they felt so warm,they also said that Indonesia is so beautiful, and the people here are humble, they also said that Indonesians have beautiful eyes.

They will be performing a total of 3 songs on tonight's concert. Girl's Day was the only female group attending the event. They were asked about which korean girl groups they adore, and they revealed that they adore SNSD, S.E.S, and Fin. K.L.

I am lucky enough to represent Dkpopnews to ask Girl's Day a question/
I asked them , "Do you by any chance know Indonesia before you came here?" ask a answer, they said they really curious about indonesian food "Nasi Goreng" because they know Nasi Goreng from Indonesia is famous enough.

They ended their section by saying "Kami Cinta Indonesia" which means "I Love Indonesia".

The Boss appeared after Girl's Day ended their section!

The BOSS are currently promoting in Japan and they will perform 5 songs on tonight's concert.On the Press Conference, The Boss said that distinctive voices are their secret weapons that differentiate them from other groups,but they still able to harmonize when they sing together.

When they were asked whether they know any indonesian songs or singers, they said they know a band, but have forgotten the band's name, they also said that the vocalist has great vocal, its too bad they didnt remember the band name.

With that, they finished their session by saying "Terima Kasih" which means "Thank You".

The final group that appeared on the press conference was X-5

The boys have been trained for a year under the name X-5 before debuting as a group. They revealed that they will sing 3 songs in total on tonight's event. Each member were asked about their hobbies,take a look at the interviews here

-Jin : Everyone different hobbies, read books, listen to music and watch movies.
-Haewon : listening music, cooking
-Ghun : Taekwondo, Kungfu (Black Belt inTaekwondo)
-Typhoon :Used to dream of becoming a footballer, playing guitar, listen to music.
-Sulhu : Listen to music.

They were also asked whether they are intested in MCing and acting, they expressed that they have been preparing to become MCs.

Article + Photos : Imaayu @ Dkpopnews.net

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