[DKP Exclusive] 2NE1 Fires Up Manila!

For Filipino Blackjacks, last Saturday, June 4, 2011, was not an ordinary day for their favorite idol group performed at the Araneta Coliseum for a concert entitled "The Party."

Shortly before the concert, Blackjacks gathered for an event called "The Fiesta" in which various 2NE1 collectible items were sold. Furthermore, it was also a time for fans to be their idols as some groups performed their favorite 2NE1 songs.

As "The Party" began, fans cheered in much anticipation while front acts Techy Romantics, Christian Bautista, The Bloomfields, Callalily and Philippine All Stars warmed up the mood with their amazing performances and songs. Famous Filipino actress and host Giselle Sanchez also shared a piece of her amazing humor to the audience in the Big Dome. She even mimicked Dara's hairstyle that some of us even thought that it was actually the latter who entered the stage!

The latter half of the show, just as expected, was welcomed by thunderous cheers from the crowds when 2NE1, composed of Dara, CL, Minzy and Bom, made their entrance with "Fire." (1)

2NE1 also performed hits like "Go Away" (2), "Can't Nobody" (6) and "Clap Your Hands" (7) which intensified the crowds' cheers.

Go Away

Can't Nobody

Clap Your Hands

Furthermore, Sandara surprised Filipino fans as she performed, once again, her song, "In or Out" (5) which became a last song syndrome hit during when she was still a singer/actress in the Philippines.

In Or Out

CL and Minzy showed off onstage their energy as they performed "Please Don't Go." (3)

The girls also serenaded the audience with the soothing tune of "Lonely." (4)


Finally, the ended the show with "I Don't Care" being their last song for the show which left Blackjacks to ask for more!

However, to leave a more exciting piece, here's what Ms. Happee Sy of Pulp Live Magazine, the organizer of "The Party", has to say to a full-length show!

We are hoping for it too!

Video credits: bobel08@youtube, mervieee@youtube
Photo credits to frances@dkpopnews.net (The Party photos), 2ne1ph Facebook fanpage (The Fiesta photos)