[BLOG] The Boss Staff Blog Part 3, More entries on the recording!


Going into Injun's Part

Mika's part has ended without problems,
As promised we go into Injun's part.

Injun's Japanese ability as well as singing ability,
Here the improvement recently has awakened.

Today too with that gentle voice he's working hard and recording.

After taking the lead in "Natsu no Kioku" (The Memories of Summer),
I feel that he has grown another round again.

Hyunmin Appears

Injun's part ends without problems.

The song which we are recording today,
Was extremely compatible with that gentle voice so,
Hurriedly we increased Injun's parts.

Once exchanging turns with Hyunmin,
He's in the midst of practicing his added parts.

Hyunmin being excited
"It's Hyunmin's appearance~!"
He said that for himself while going into the studio.

It's the same captivating low voice.

Going into Jay's Part

Hyunmin's part has also ended without problems.

As expected of "Charisma Hyunmin".
"How many beats do I hold this for?" and
"How much vibrato do I use here?" and so on
Being particular about the details.

Aah, looking at it he's unexpectedly sensitive.

Jay has also broken his voice without problems,
His voice has also stabilised.

Contrary to his looks, a charming low voice.


Jay's part is also ending without problems.

Like his beloved Michael Jackson,
He aimed to be a superstar who could sing while dancing and worked hard.

Before going to Karam's part,
They're in the midst of organising
The song they've recorded until now a little.

Interrupting meal time it's scheduled to go on to Karam's part.

Going into Karam's Part

Today The BOSS' dinner was,

While eating they're refreshed, moving into the last part of today's recording.

After appearing in last night's late night TV programme,
"Uhm, are we going to a gold country?"
A question came from Karam who was studying Kanji [T/N: Chinese characters].

What was it? I thought and after confirming various things...

It seems like he mistook the word "whole(全)" for "gold(金)",
And misunderstood "The 5 large cities in the whole country" for "The 5 large cities in the gold country".

Source: The BOSS' Staff Blog
Translation: amber@AstroMAFIA.com