[BLOG] The Boss Staff Blog Part 1


Preparing for their appearance on TV early in the morning today as well.

In spite of their hard schedule every day,
The members are energetic even in the morning.

Please watch TBS' "Ousama no Brunch",
It will be broadcasted on BS-TBS as well so, you can watch it wherever you are in the country.

Corn Bread

In the dressing room before the show starts.

Competing for the bread for breakfast,
It's the youth group Injun and Jay.

What they were fighting for was corn bread.

Unfortunately, Injun was robbed of his corn bread by Jay.

While eating cream bread,
"Because we're creamy-style so..."
He muttered.

Furthermore that cream bread was,
Taken by Hyunmin from the side,
In the end it was Injun who had to eat the tuna-mayo rice ball.

Seolleongtang [T/N: Ox bone soup]

The live broadcast has also ended without any problems.

From now onwards today it's recording.

Before that it's lunchtime, The BOSS'
Lunch for today is seolleongtang and bibimmyeon [T/N: Spicy mixed noodles].

Jay's Analects 2

Today's TV appearance, just before the recording Jay said,
"Are we going soolready?" [T/N: He said moso ikimasuka?]

Jay's analects that appeared again, what was he trying to abbreviate?
I thought about it but I couldn't come up with the answer.

The answer was,
"Are we going soon already?" [T/N: Mou soro soro ikimasuka?]

More to be updated later.