[Article] Shinee Tower Records Summer Sale Photo Making

Tower Records Summer Sale event from 20 June to 31 July is being held in collaboration with SHINee. A contemporary band with unlimited potential and enormous popularity all over Asia, what are they like? Here’s a close-up report of the poster making behind story!

SHINee came to Japan to participate in a live music event held in May. The photoshoot was done in the event make-up room. They greeted the staff who visited the waiting room, “Thanks for your work!,” “Nice to meet you!” in Japanese they are studying.

We took a solo photo of each member. Beginning with Key-goon. The Summer Sale’s concept is “Let’s Listen to Music Now.” When the staff explained the visual concept, “With a happy expression you make listening to music,” Key-goon changed his facial expression for himself even before the camera man made requests.

The letters “Let’s Listen to Music Now” used on the poster and the fan were written by Key-goon. A very polite and beautiful handwriting. True to his nickname, Almighty Key.

Next is Leader Onew-goon. He showed a wonderful smile at the moment the shooting started. Good service with his playful face and humorous expressions!

Then, the youngest member Taemin-goon. He engaged himself in the shooting seriously checking the monitor. The camera man muttered to himself, “A pretty face…”

At the next Jonghyun’s turn, other members all gathered to watch his shooting. Monitoring the computer screen, Minho-goon made orders like “Smile more!,” “Hyung! make your face like this!” to Jonghyun-goon.

Key-goon joined the lively circle to watch Jonghyun-goon.

While receiving all attention, Jonghyun remained undisturbed and showed a cool look.

The last was Minho-goon’s solo shot. He played with Taemin-goon or talked with the staff or other members as a mood maker until right before the shooting started, but he changed into a different person when he sat before the camera. The camera man praised, “You have pretty eyes!”

Only the solo photos are posted, but they observed seriously other members’ shooting. It was impressive they get along well and stimulate each other. They were very lively checking dance moves or humming while talking in between the solo photoshoots. Their topics were endless. Brilliantly shining 5 members of SHINee!

[from Tower Records blog http://tower.jp/article/series/79570]

- Korean trans by taemin-ssi@shakizi | English trans by jujugal