[Article] SHINee airport fashion always AWESOME!

SHINee and all SM Ent idols went to the city of fashion, Paris, yesterday. Airport Fashion always so important to bring our idols a special image. It goes for SHINee too. Like always, our SHINee wear different style for each member.
Key wears Cheap Monday Moon Necklace in Rhodium. This is a bib necklace with moon shaped pendant and logo engraving by Cheap Monday.
Onew wore it too in Replay Japanese version MV.

You can find the necklace here

Idols always want to look bold and shining. But the leader, Onew, had his own style.Netizens called it as 'Haksaeng style' .With polo shirt, short pants and shoes. Apparently Onew wears gucci soad loafers. The price is affordable because it's an old design. He might buy it for a long time ago.