[Article] 2NE1 Makes a Smashing Comeback with 'I Am The Best'

Androgynous. Fierce. Bad*ss. 2NE1 definitely made a scorching hot comeback on Inkigayo with their latest single, 'I Am The Best'. With the MV delayed, Blackjacks were eagerly anticipating the first live performance of the song. Among the excited pack, YGL had more than 900 Blackjacks online to cheer for 2NE1's comeback stage, making it the highest number of simultaneous online user we ever had. With a plethora of groups making a comeback, 2NE1 surely made a statement with this intensified, show-stopping performance.

2NE1 picked a quite an opportune time to have their comeback, as last night's episode of SBS Inkigayo was filled with great stages. SBS' yearly Summer Special is designed to celebrate the return of summer and boasts great collaboration stages and tributes. This isn't 2NE1's first Summer Special, the girls introduced the Baek Kyoung Remix of I Don't Care during Inkigayo's 2009 Summer Special.

This may arguably be 2NE1's best music show interview segment. The girls’ interview with IU and f(x)’ Sulli was not only lit up by their clothes blazing with awesome, but also with their unique high-energy personalities soaring through the roof. Highlights of the talk wereDara’s promise to have more frequent Inkigayo stages and Bom’s doll-like figure. Dara professed how they missed everyone so much and assured hungry Blackjacks that they will be present in another Inki session next week while Bom revealed the new secret to her appealing figure: watermelons.

Shortly after Inki aired, netizens took to their keyboards to comment on Minzy and Dara's hair, and Bom's new "watermelon diet." Funny and informative, this interview was everything it was supposed to be.

It was long until the moment we have all been waiting for began. When Teddy talked about ‘I Am the Best’ being reminiscent of ‘Fire’, he was not kidding. The similarities did not end with catchy dance tunes because with their most recent release, 2NE1 really went back to their roots and embraced their original swag, style-wise.
credit: 2NE1's Official YT
You have seen an impressive come back performance from the girls after nine long months. Now, fans just need to wait for their sweet return next week. In the interim, we can feast on the coming 'I Am the Best' MV to be released in a couple of hours from now tomorrow, 9AM KST!

Who's excited?

Sources: 2NE1 @youtube.com, Royal Aces @twitvid.com
Article by bigbangxsaranghae, caramelSPELL, and tazanya @ygladies.com