[Trans] SS3Vietnam Super Junior Interview with 2sao

Can you share your feelings as this is your 2nd time in VN?
A: Very surprised by the warm welcome. And what is more surprising is that this time there are even more fans. We have many sub-units: SJM, SJT, SJH, maybe after this show we will have SJV for Vietnam.

Q: VN ELFs has presented Eeteuk with a star named PJS’sWIngs. How do you feel?

A: I was so touched to get it, it makes me love VN fans even more. That star is named after my Korean name, I will always keep that star and if I have a chance to fly into cosmos I will bring it along.

Q: What is your first impression before concert in Vietnam?

A: The very first impression is it is too hot in Vietnam. The most memorable experience is this place’s hotness. Every Super Show in Asia it rained and surprisingly it’s gonna rain. We think that it is raining to welcome the show and bring something cool.

Q: This is for Heechul. Have you been well recently? After the accident in Shanghai, you no longer perform Poker Face on SS3. So this time after a long time to rest, and the last SS3 too, will Lady HeeHee show up this time?

A: My health is in its best condition. If it doesn’t rain you will experience the best Lady HeeHee ever.

Q: What have you prepared for this SS3 in Vietnam?

A: A lot. Not just the whole group but also each individual will have their own solo stages and we hope Vietnamese ELF will enjoy enthusiastically despite how the weather may turn out to be.

Q: What is your memory of SS3 in Asia? And what specialty will you bring to VN audience?

A: We are warmly-welcome wherever we go and it makes us so happy during our concerts. And in this last show of SS3, it will be special one. We have prepared carefully and it will be a great show for VN ELF.

Source: 2sao.vn
Translated by: LaCrymaMosa of @YesungCenter
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