[TRANS] New male vocal groups Hallyu wave,, about Code-V!


New male vocal groups hallyu wave, Code-v is writing!

Talented 5 member, male vocal group, Code-V is creating a new hallyu wave in Japan.

Code-v has been, and still are receiving love calls from Japan kpop fans since their debut in June last year. Since TVXQ, it has been a while since a vocal group with singing talent has made an appearance in Japan where local Hallyu fans have taken notice.

Thanks to Japan's promotional planning, but due to the earthquake in the northeast, the promotional show had to be cancelled. Agency officials said: "It was reported in Korea that promotions would be possible except in Fukushima with the most damage, but we thought that having these promotions during a situation like this wouldn't shine so brightly on us". But on the Japanese side, visiting during this time and giving fans strength and courage could be a huge help so it was decided that they would carry on with promotion's.

Despite the dangerous situation, on March 22nd~28th, Code-V did their promotions. We were told that in addition to their promotions, Code-V held a local donation performance where the members gave out autographs and made 1000 paper cranes to pass on to Fukushima.

The information on Code-V visiting Japan was revealed through mass media such as broadcasting and magazines, but on Japanese Hallyu sites' real-time charts, they were able to make it to the top twice in one week. Despite the harsh situation, Code-V made a bold decision to keep their promise to their Japanese fans and it seems to have received good results right away. Currently, Code-v is working on their first Mini-album.

credit: .oneTime> @ Code Addiction + cDahSunny♥ @ Code Addiction
Source: Fan Cafe