[TRANS] Lizzy’s Part in After School’s Brunch Essay Book

When i was a little, my dream was to be an Announcer. When i was in elementary school, i took a test and then went to a broadcast station. I dont clearly remember that time but teachers and seniors complimented me and said that i did well. Since then i printed in my head that i want to be Announcer.
I’m still learning how to talk like announcer, when I see the MCs I slightly feel envious. I envy when I see  an announcers charisma behind the News Desk. I also feel slight jealousy towards MC’s of Variety programs like Yoo Jaesuk oppa. Because of that, when I was on elementary school I stood in front of my mirror reading both the news and books. I was practicing and doing a One-Woiman-Show.
It has been a long time since I’ve swam. I swam from my 1st year of elementary school until my 2nd year of junior high school. If people heard this story they will ask if my dream was to be a pro-swimmer. But not even once dud I dream of that.
When i first moved from busan to seoul, i felt somehow nervous. My friends held a surprise farewell party. On that day, we went to eat together and did Karaoke.
That time when it was my first stage…The day when i officially become the 8th member of After School, i felt so nervous and felt like my heart would explode.
I really like the movie, “The Sound of Music”
If i’m stressed, i must burst into tears by eating spicy foods like ddokbukki or spiciest Ohjingo
I really like sweet things. When i was little i always had cookies, candies, bubblegum and chocolate in my bag.