[Trans] “Intuition” as Cyworld’s “Song of the Month”!

Interview with the Winner

Q1: Congratulations! Being the artiste who received the most love during the month of March and had the honor of winning the digital music award “Song of the Month”!! How do you feel? ^^

A1: Hello, we are CNBLUE. We are shocked to hear the news that we are the most-loved artiste on Cyworld for this month. Thank you for loving “Intuition” so much! We love you!! Haha

Q2: As many of you may already know… (think something was left out here by Cyworld? keke)

A2: “Intuition” is CNBLUE’s own song with a groovy blend of rhythm and intense guitar sound. Even powerful vocals was added, made the song sounding really interesting. A man is in denial although he had an intuitive feeling of a goodbye as his lover will be leaving.

Q3: Tell us more about the winning song “Intuition” ^^

A3: We felt our popularity when we ate at restaurants. We realised as we saw that we received better service and was served more side dishes. Actually we got too busy to eat whenever we get too excited thanking and greeting ^^; What we wanted to do is a guerilla performance on the street and have close interaction with many people. So this time round we did a guerilla concert for our “First Step” album comeback. And it was really fun.

Q4: Recently you have received great love from fans. When did you realised your popularity and is there anything you wanted to do when you become famous?

A4: If we have the opportunity, we would like to try it again.

Q5: Looks like we can look forward to the upcoming songs. Please talk about your upcoming plans for promotions and album.^^

A5: We have started promotions for our second hit-song “Love Girl”. It is song with a bright and a light atmosphere, indeed a good choice to listen to in this warm spring season. Looks like everybody got to look for “LOVE GIRL” for the time being. It seems like YongHwa hyung and MinHyukie will also be greeting everybody as actors as they have also been casted for MBC’s mini series “You Have Fallen For Me”.

Q6: Lastly, please say something you would like to convey to the fans on Cyworld^^

A6: Fans on Cyworld! Thank you so much for loving our “Intuition” for the past month. Please show love for our follow-up song “LOVE GIRL” as well! The daily temperature is horrible, please do not catch a cold. Please pay more attention to us in the future! Thank you!

Source: Cyworld
Translated by: Gera@cnbluestorm