[TRANS] After School's Jooyeon, Letter to her Appa, Omma & Unni

Appa, Omma, Unnie! I always feel grateful, I love you.

Appa! Always complain and being immature daughter, can’t even say ‘Love’ words , Not that smart daughter, But Appa knows that i always feel thankful of Appa right?. Appa always send message , “Do you eat”,”Did you do good practicing?”, I can’t even replied back because of i’m busy, I’m sorry. Everyday Appa send me a message i gained some power, Appa send me a message ,” The daughter i’m proud of, Appa will always cheer you, Fighting!” i feel really happy, I will be more awesome daughter. Thank you Appa!

Omma! When i think of omma, i think i’ll burst into tears. The omma that just like an angel. When omma called, omma always said, “I Love You~”, I just shyly replied , “Yes, I know” i can’t say anything other than that. If there’s someone next to me I always feel shy, embarassed and even cant say “I Love You”.However in my mind, i replied “I Love You, Omma”. Omma, I really really love you. Don’t be sick!

Chatterbox-Unnie! Our unnie that always think of me! I’m sorry for being not-sensitive. Unnie nagging andsaid to me, ” Give them a call often!” . I know well what should i say to family. I’m reliable because of Unnie. No matter what happen, i can lean on. Treat omma and appa well if i’m not home! I Love You!

From : After School Brunch Essay Book
Trans : fyorangecaramel @ tumblr / _jinah @ twitter