[Trans] 2pm interview from PATiPATi

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2PM Take Off

The feeling which says that we want to start something new with you

---- Last December, 2PM held their debut event at Ryogoku Kokugikan. What did you feel about singing in front of many Japanese fans?
Nichkhun : I thought that was a great start! Even though that was our first showcase, I was so glad that many fans came to see us. I was very excited to perform on that stage.
Chan : Actually, I was a little bit ill, but I enjoyed the stage so much that didn’t even feel the pain.
Wooyoung : I had so much fun on stage, and seeing the venue that was filled with hundreds of people was so touching.
Junho : I was also very touched by the 10 thousand penlights.
Taec : I’d want the fans to feel us more closely through that stage.
Junsu : Some of the fans came and see us at the airport; some attended all of the showcases… It made me work even harder.

---- and then, your debut single “Take Off” is to be released, finally! It’s the first Japanese single.

Chan : Yes. We made this single in order to sympathize with the Japanese fans. “Take Off” has a meaning of “departure”, so we recorded this with the hope of departure for something new with everyone. We’d be very happy if you feel our emotions as “We take off from here!”

---- This song gave me power; I felt the freshness to fly high up in the sky.
Taec : Yay! I think so too.
Junsu : This song if a bit different from our former songs. This one is very optimistic for the future. We enjoyed singing this with unique and interesting melody line; I hope you all will like this too.
Junho : I was worried a little because this song is so different from the others. But when I heard the eventual audio, I thought it was such a great song.
Nichkhun : I was not confident about singing in Japanese, but while I practiced it over and over, I improved and gained confidence.
Wooyoung : I always listen to this song. The more I listen to it, the more I become confident about it and I like it.

---- Did you find the Japanese language hard?
Junho : I had some difficulties with the pronunciation of some words, and I sometimes wondered “What does it mean?” while I was singing. However, we got our dictionaries beside us during the recording, so I think I was able to convey the feeling of this song to you.

---- Taecyeon challenged rap part, right?
Taec : I found it easier because there was not much of Japanese in my part. For the next time, I will try harder with more Japanese words.

---- What about choreography and performance?
Wooyoung : I think this is catchier and easier to dance along compared to our other “beastly” tracks.
Taec : We had so much to show with our performances before, but this time, you’ll enjoy the track too.

---- And the other track is the Japanese version of your representative song “Heartbeat”. I’m sure you have so many feelings regarding it.
Chan : When our choreographer said that “This song starts with you all lying down.” I was so surprised. I was surprised even more when he said “At the end, you all fall over.” Other parts of this song’s choreography was very new to me, I was kind of excited how fans would react to seeing this.

---- I was very surprised with you making the “tower” in the last half.
Wooyoung : When I heard “Make a tower, and then, you roll over” I said “No way!” LOL It was so hard and we got injured a few times before we got used to it, actually. But we worked really hard and succeeded.
Taec : It took us more than 3 months to release it!
Junsu : Back then, we practiced so many times and we made in a success. We felt very satisfied that we actually did it.
Junho : And, at the end of this song, we change the performance every time.
Nichkhun : We were joking around “It’s your turn to die today” and we actually did it. We enjoyed it and stared to change it every time.
Junho : It grabbed people’s interest and I got so nervous every time the ending drew near! Only a little thing can cause a big accident, so we had to be very careful. But that nervousness makes the satisfaction bigger.

---- I see. That’s your important track.
Junho : We often have busy schedules. When we have rehearsals early in the morning, some person would lie over and fall asleep right before the performance. We would kick and wake him up.

---- Snoring?
Junho : Not that bad though. LOL

---- Ahahaha. By the way, isn’t it wonderful to release a CD with your precious song?
Taec : Yes, that’s right. We can share our feelings by singing it in Japanese. I am getting excited about the Japan tour too.
Junho : I thought “I wanted to have another concert soon” right after the showcase last year. I am so excited to go touring Japan!

Future Challenges

Taec : I’ve been into rap writing recently. I’m trying to write lyrics for our own tracks. I want to write in Japanese one day.
Junho : I want to work out more. I didn’t have much time to exercise except for dancing and working out at gym. So, I want to spare some time to enjoy and build my body while playing football for example.
Nichkhun : I want to challenge some acting. And OST all by myself. I am interested in movie field too, so it would be wonderful if I can do directing, acting and OST!
Wooyoung : I want to continue with the Japan promotion, so I want to be fluent in Japanese. Japanese is very hard, but it is fun!
Junsu : Japan debut is our new departure, so I feel like I am debuting all over right now. What I want start individually… Found a ddeokbokki store? I’m just kidding. LOL
Chan : I want to hold a concert together with 2AM. Singing their ballads, making Heartbeat’s tower. There are many things that I want to do with them.