[News]Stars battle for top、Wu Chun, Hangeng transform to “Proud and Tenacious Twins”

The first Movie Trailer Release ceremony was held in Beijing this May for the Action-Romance film 《My Kingdom》, which was directed by Gao Xiaosong, script written by Zou Jing, action sequenced by Sammo Hung, and starring Hangeng, Wu Chun, Barbie Hsu, Ha Ling Chun, Louis Liu, Ringo Yu, and Annie Yi. The director Gao Xiaosong, along with Hangeng and Wu Chun pounded drums to mark the occasion when they attended the ceremony, where it was announced that 《My Kingdom》 will be released worldwide in August this summer.
During the Movie Trailer Release ceremony the two popular idols Hangeng and Wu Chun showed some of the action moves and talked a bit about their hardships in making the movie. The two stars also light-heartedly joked that they want to become students of Sammo Hung and establish a “Jing Wu” federation.

(Note: In mandarin “Jing Wu”, which means “Beijing Opera and Martial Arts, is pronounced the same as “Chin Woo”, which is a famous Chinese martial arts organization.)
While the movie trailer, which showed the struggle between various martial art masters to obtain the golden plaque “Champion of the Wu Sheng”, displayed the spectacular martial art style that came from Sammo Hung fusing together Wushu and Beijing Opera. The new style of action brings with it a breath of fresh air and exemplifies the saying “No-one can stop the model-man who knows Wushu”.

(Note: “Wu Sheng” is someone who specializes in fighting scenes in traditional Beijing Opera.)
《My Kingdom》exposes a major conspiracy within the Chinese martial arts community

“Whoever is the true Da Wu Sheng, then whoever this plaque will go to.” The opening line of the trailer exposes the film’s main theme–“Fight for the Plaque”. In the movie Wu Chun and Hangeng portray a pair of Wu Sheng brothers who grew up together. As they stepped onto the stage, they also bore with them the destiny of winning back the plaque and the face/honor of their school, however, just like what Barbie Hsu stated in the trailer, “The plaque will bring bad luck to whoever that holds it”. The domineering Ringo Yu, the grief and scorn of Ha Ling Chun, and the sly charm of Louis Liu all forebode a deadly clash, while in the film Wu Chun and Hangeng, brothers who grew up together, in the end will have to fight to the death. The beheaded old man’s vicious vow to “Execute your entire clan” blankets the entire story in a major cabal.

(Note: “Da Wu Sheng” means “The Great Wu Sheng”)
In director Gao Xiaosong’s eyes, Chinese Kung Fu movies and action stars are becoming excessively complacent, and 《My Kingdom》 has to have new creative ideas; “Our logo is “The most tenacious idols, the most spectacular martial arts”. In addition, the story by top screenwriter Zou Jing not only guarantees this action movie’s commercial marketability but also promises to have intense love and hate intrigues.

Hangeng, Wu Chun becomes “Proud and Tenacious Twins”
Wu Chun already exhibited a rugged and strength filled image in 《14 Blades》, and the movements of Hangeng, who practiced dancing since he was little, permeate with power. In the first trailer, the unique fighting sequences became the focal point; Hangeng and Wu Chun’s ferocious battle by the stairs not only displayed an admirable ruthless air, but also displayed an aesthetic of violence described by Hangeng as “Grand poses, very cool fighting, and the action natural and unrestrained”. This is a breath of fresh air for those audiences who are bored and tired with Kung Fu movies filmed in the same traditional ways.

According to Wu Chun, for the movie he hung on wires above a staircase for a week, and, because of that, he was often bruised from head to toe. While Hangeng, in his first movie, due to his enthusiasm and unrestrained practicing, strained a muscle just a few days after he joined in preparations with the rest of the cast, thus earning him the nickname “Fresh and Fierce Seafood”. When talking about who’s kung fu is better, both men, however, humbly expressed that the other person is the true “Da Wu Sheng”.

Sammo Hung creates another “Jing Wu” federation
Sammo Hung himself started out as a Wu Sheng in Chinese Beijing Opera, and in making 《My Kingdom》 he was in his element. Sammo Hung stated that “Out of the over 200 films I’ve made both in China and overseas, the scripts that can be rated as excellent does not number 10 in total, and 《My Kingdom》 is one of the 10”. Sammo Hung spent a whole year’s time to add his understanding of Wu Sheng into the action sequences, and created the most spectacular martial art footages and a new school in the action genre: “Jing Wu” federation. Because of Sammo Hung’s work, director Gao Xiaosong highly praised him as currently the best action director, saying “I saw elder brother Sammo Hung blend the traditional Beijing Opera moves that has been perfected over several hundred years into martial arts sequences, it presented a very unique and a very cool flavor”.

Two clips of Sammo Hung in the making of fight scenes were also shown during the Movie Trailer Release ceremony. The clips showed that Sammo Hung became a meat cushion and personally worked on the action moves with Wu Chun and Hangeng. Wu Chun revealed that Sammo Hung had always hoped to promote more upcoming Kung Fu action actors, and had called the cast together for training three months before the actual filming began. Sammo Hung not only meticulously taught every little movement, but also “filmed the entire sequences before hand as a model for us.”
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