[NEWS]Kim Wansun wants a duet with TOP !

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Singer Kim Wansun stated, “I want to do a duet with Big Bang’s TOP.”

Kim Wansun recently finished recording for Park Kyungrim and Jung Wonyoung’s Mnet “M Soundplex.” The 200 audiences chose TOP as a male who will go well with Kim Wansun. The reason was that TOP’s low voice and his unique charisma will match well with Kim Wansun’s voice.

Kim Wansun furthermore stated that “TOP is really handsome” and that “BigBang had written a message on their new album,” and also that she is attracted [as a family] to Big Bang members. She dedicated a virtual message to YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyunsuk, asking for “a stage for her and TOP someday.”

Airing on 28th at 12:00AM.

Source : bigbangkorea @ tumblr ,Sports Chosun
Credit : bigbangVIP.net ,toptopia(translation)