[NEWS]Infinite, reveals their masculine photoshoot...nuna fans 'Oppa Oppa'

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"Infinite, reveals their masculine photoshoot...nuna fans 'Oppa Oppa'"


7 membered idol group Infinite has been born into a man from a boy.

Infinite has revealed their photoshoot from the June issue of fashion magazine CeCi filled with tough but chic appearances and showed a totally different side from the cute boy sides in broadcasts.

Especially, in the photoshoot there is a dice and maze background which brings out the childlike innocence within the boys and along with this, the black and white outfits brings out the infinite charms of the 7 members.

Netizens who saw this photoshoot commented and gave different reactions saying "When is the end of Infinite's charms?", "Even though you peel and peel, they are the new onion-dol".

On the other hand, Infinite is planning to start follow up promotions with 'Can U Smile' starting off on M! Countdown on the 12th.