[News] Xiah Junsu Showed Off Brilliant Vocal Explosion of ‘That Guy’ Rendition Even with Karaoke Accompaniment

Xiah Junsu showed his shinning singing ability through his ‘That Man’ rendition with a karaoke accompaniment.

JYJ Kim Junsu (Xiah Junsu) is attracting a lot of attention due to his video call singing Hyun Bin’s ‘That Man’.

According to an internet broadcast on May 14th, Kim Junsu sang drama ‘Secret Garden’ OST by Hyun bin entitled ‘That Man’ with accompaniment of a karaoke machine.

Kim Junsu who was chosen as rank 1 idol with singing ability raised the feeling of the song with his sensibility skill to express the mood within the song and excellent vocal. Furthermore when it’s revealed that he actually got flu when he was singing the song, it caught everyone by even more surprises.

Fans responded the topic commenting, “People who haven’t heard this, wouldn’t know (that Junsu was having flu when was singing).”, “Though he caught cold, it still sounds great” “Definitely amazing.” “It’s touching.”

credit: Newsen
trans: sharingyoochun.net