[News] What Do TVXQ, Jang Hee Jin And Lee Chae Young Have In Common?

The 2011 Spring/Summer season’s jewellery trend is simple silver.

Compared to the past years, where thick, luxurious designer rings that captured attention were the trend, for this year, details have been simplified as much as possible. In accordance to this, recently many of the fashionistas have been seen wearing silver items with a simple design.

On a certain music program stage, TVXQ performed their new song “Before U Go,” and both men wore the same simple, silver ring. Jang Hee Jin attended the 2011 Fall/Winter Seoul Collection Fashion Show, wearing a similar silver ring to that of TVXQ’s, and attracted some attention.

Also, Lee Chae Young presented a ring as part of her personal collection during MBC’s “7 Day Miracle,” and when it was known that this was the same ring as well, it became a big topic.

TVXQ, Jang Hee Jin and Lee Chae Young are all wearing a donation ring, and aside from the stylish fashion sense revealed, it also shows their participation in a donation campaign.

Also, this E.S.donna donation ring’s sale proceeds will be collected over a period of one year, and will go to Holt’s Children Services, where its intended use will be for Sotos Syndrome patient Go Ye Seul’s surgery.

Source : [BNT News]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net