[News] Trax’s Jay joked about YoonA at drama premiere

Trax’s member, Jay who got casted in KBS’s drama ‘The Women Of Our Home’, played the role of the son of a millionaire.

During the premiere of the drama on May 12th, Jay said “My character is stubborn yet clumsy and full of flaws. Thus, I assume that he will be unique among the other characters. This was also one of the reasons I agreed to play this role.”

Jay continued, “The character I played in ‘President’ was engaged in depressing situations, but my character for this drama is bright and rather interesting. Viewers will be seeing a completely different style of acting from me. I am not really an active person but I think I act better as a clumsy character rather than a serious one”.

Besides that, Jay also joked about YoonA who is a sunbae (senior) to him in the field of acting. He said, “I didn’t get any (acting) tips from YoonA. Perhaps we aren’t that close although we are in the same company”.

Credit: hankyung.com
Translated by: Taengfan@fanwonder.com