[NEWS] Teddy’s direct comment on ‘what is the charm of Big Bang and 2NE1?’

Many songs of the YG artists are produced by this talented producer, Teddy, ranging from Taeyang’s ‘Only look at me', Uhm Jeong Hwa's 'Disco’, BIGBANG’s ‘Sunset Glow’ to the hit songs of Big Bang and 2NE1.

Recently, Money Today of Star News has met Teddy, the producer who is so active in the music industry nowadays to talk about his future activities and plans, together with how he thinks about the charisma that Big Bang and 2NE1 possess.

According to him, the growing process of Big Bang and 2NE1 is just like how a gem is formed- they have also been polished for a long period of time. He said the members of Big Bang are gifted with talent but they also work hard and the members of 2NE1 have potential as well as talent, too. He praised the girls highly.

First and foremost, he spoke highly of G- Dragon, Teddy said, ‘ I have known G-Dragon ever since we were young but he is really like a talented friend to me,’ he continued, 'music and fashion, he never treats them carelessly. His feelings keep on enriching his music as time goes by. His music grows with the efforts which he has put in.’

He praised Taeyang next, ‘Taeyang is also the same. Recently, at nights, after finishing his schedule, although he is already tired, he will still go to the recording room. For these days, I have to compose songs in the studio busily, I know how tired it is after working for a day.’

Teddy’s producer career will be accumulated to 12 years this year. He also praised 2EN1 highly according to his experience, '4 singers who can really sing songs well,’ he continued, ‘ for 2NE1, they are like a paper, no matter what you draw on them, they can certainly show you what you want. All of these 4 can sing really well and they have rich expressive ability, too.’

Currently, Teddy is working with Will.i.am, the leader of the world-class hip hop group, Black Eyed Peas and others. It is not surprising that his domestic activities together with his overseas' have attracted much attention. Domestically speaking, he has participated in the recent GD & TOP's hip hop album and all the albums of 2NE1, all of these works have consolidated his position as a producer.

Source: Starnews via bbvipz
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates