[News] The Super Show 3 stage is the most incredible one to have ever come to Vietnam

The stage--the sound system--the lights, LED screen were packaged in 20 containers (and) shipped from Malaysia (and) China to Vietnam before April 30th. Half of the LED screens were from Trần Linh company in Vietnam. The technical, production, construction, design, and inspection teams from Korea (and) Malaysia and more than 100 staffs from China cooperated with more than 200 construction and production staffs from the Lữ Nhạc company of Vietnam. They had worked day and night with professionalism and innovation in order to create a most complete Super Show 3 stage.

The Super Show 3 stage in Vietnam was considered to be incredible and is the largest outdoor stage and the most expensive stage of Super Junior's Asia tour. Because it was the last show, the organizer Viet Vision, along with the management company SM Entertainment, had planned extremely carefully and came up with a solution for a stage suitable to the conditions of Gò Đậu stadium with the goal of bringing the best quality so that the Vietnamese and international audience can fully enjoy the last concert night of the group's Super Show 3 tour. (The tour in other countries had all been indoors, except for China and Vietnam, which had the stage at an outdoor stadium.)

Additionally, Super Show 3's stage, sound system, lightning, controls, and LED screens arrived in Vietnam on May 7th* at the Gò Đậu Stadium--Becamex Bình Dương* is considered to be the largest, most amazing stage ever to have come to Vietnam. The organizer, Viet Vision, had always hoped to bring the best, most meaningful (stage) for the audience for the upcoming concert night. And on the night of the concert, the audience will experience all their hopes and passions which organizer Viet Vision hoped to bring to the audience as well. The organizer also hoped to contribute to the development of the organizing of concerts and entertainment in Vietnam.

The stage will be completed on May 6th, 2011 in order to greet the members of Super Junior in their official rehearsal the night before the concert. And especially special, the band Super Junior will present to the Vietnam and international audience a special performance which the group had practiced specially for Super Show 3 in Vietnam. Take the ticket in your hand and become part of the sapphire blue sea on Saturday, May 7th, 2011.

Source: 2sao.vn
Translated by: Sessasha @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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