[News] Siwon kissed Leeteuk up to two times on the stage of ''Super Show 3''?

The anticipated performance night in Vietnam had ended under the rain.
The fervor of Super Junior was officially relieved a few minutes ago. Around past 7 PM, the members of Super Junior caused the whole Gò Đậu Stadium to explode with non-stopping screams. A “sea of sapphire blue” including balloons, glowsticks… began to move, in beat with the music. The song Sorry Sorry was the opening sequence which ignited the passions of the fans right from the start!!!!

Very many of Super Junior’s hit songs were performed right afterward, from the elegant Super Girl (and) the incredibly powerful Don’t Don to the incredibly sweet No Other

A particularly interesting occasion in between the thrilling performances was leader Leeteuk wore a Vietnamese traditional hat which the fans had gifted. “Mr. Handsome” Siwon even had no qualms about wearing a pair of angel wings made of cotton which were also very cute. Other adorable actions were also presented, causing ELF incredible excitement.

Heechul really fired up the atmosphere with the performance of the well-known “queen of eccentricity” Lady Gaga. At the same time, three other members of SuJu also sported tight outfits (while) dancing Single Ladies, also incredibly hot!!!

The rainstorm was small and had let up quickly, but no one seemed to care because on the stage as well as in the audience, the artists and their audience were still deep in the mood of the music that special night!!!

Update: According to the pictures recently released, aside from the kiss shown above*, Siwon and Leeteuk also gave (each other) an additional similar “kiss” in another performance towards the end of the concert. Could this be a loving kiss between the two?

The rush before (the concert):
After the Tân Sơn Nhất airport and Intercontinental hotel (Super Junior’s hotel) became “hotspots”, the whole ELF community of Vietnam had gathered to Gò Đậu Stadium (in) Bình Dương to prepare for waiting for Super Show 3. Having been previously informed from midnight last nigt (May 6th), there were many fans gathering at the stadium to get in line. The amount of ELF continued to increase with time.

Source: kenh14.vn
Translated by: Sessasha @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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