[News] SHINee wants to debut in Europe

Just a few days ago, Korean newspaper Chosen had an interview with SHINee and SM's Kim Youngmin, who has been responsible for SM's globalization since 2005. The article mainly spoke about the recent developments in Europe and the rest of the world, in regards to SMTown and SM Entertainment. As well as some in-depth talks about a possible expansion of the entertainment company into Europe.

When asked what he thinks K-pop can gain with a launch into the European market, Kim Youngmin proudly said that the European market is estimated to be worth 7 trillion Won. This basically means it's larger than the US (6 trillion), Japan (4 trillion), and China (1 trillion). He also mentioned that it's not their main goal to get into the charts and sell enormous amounts of CD's, as they're planning to attract people's attention to the Asian music market through the expanding popularity of K-pop music.

The SHINee members themselves don't know about the possibility of success, but they're eager to try and show their talents to the European audience. Therefore, a possible European debut in the future seems likely. "It will be fun. The concept of our music and dance is not totally different from the local culture, so we'll be able to make better content by mixing up Europe’s excellent music and ours."

SHINee will have a European debut showcase in the Abbey Road Studios, called a “Sacred Site of Beatles,” on June 19 after the concert in Paris.

Source: Chosun, Translated by jujugal