[News] Shayne also falls for IU “I want her autograph”

Canadian pretty boy Shayne has also joined in the ‘IU Syndrome’.

Airing on May 13th, the theme for this episode of MBC TV ‘Star Audition - Greatest Birth’ was ‘Life’s Greatest Song’, and so TOP4 had to reveal his most memorable experiences to date.

Along with the behind the scenes stories for a photo shoot, there was a street interview with ‘Section TV Entertainment News’, together with TOP5 David Oh. During this interview, when asked “Do you know any Korean celebrities?”, Shayne picked IU.

Having picked IU as his ideal girl, Shayne sent an embarrassing video message saying “I need IU’s autograph,” which had the other contestants cracked up.

Viewers responded quickly with comments such as, “Even Shayne has IU Syndrome” “IU is definitely the hottest trend!” “IU is now an international star”.

Translation: hellenj @ WeHeartIU.com
Editing: janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU.com
Source: TV Report
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