[News] Secret's Song Ji Eun up against Lee Ji Eun (IU) in 'Immortal Classic 2'

On May 14th, representatives from the show revealed that Secret's Song Ji Eun will be joining the members on 'Immortal Classic 2' starting from the 2nd recording onwards, replacing Miss A's Min due to the latter's conflicting schedules.

The show which will begin its first broadcast on June 4th, will feature the contestants Changmin, Yesung, Hyorin, Yoseob, Min and IU. The six male idols who will also be participating later on in the show will be revealed during the first recording on May 16th (Note: Previously, four of the male idols including Jonghyun, Junsu, Yonghwa and Hong Ki were confirmed for the show).

The production crew intends to have 6 idols compete on the show for every episode and the cast will change according to the schedules of the participating idols. Also, the show follows a format whereby no idols will be eliminated, although one will emerge as the winner for each round. 

As the main vocals for 5-member girl group Secret, despite being both a dancer and singer, Song Ji Eun possesses powerful vocals and is one of the top idol singers in the industry.

In particular, after IU and Hyorin were cast, now that Song Ji Eun is joining in as well, three of the most powerful vocalists among female idols will be competing against one another, thus increasing fans' expectations for the show.

Meanwhile, KBS shows '100 out of 100 points' and 'National Heroes at Your Command' will be discontinued and starting from June 4th, 'Immortal Classic 2' as well as 'Secret' will start off as part of their new series of 'Freedom of Speech on Saturday' variety shows.

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Sources: Star news and Mdtoday via nate