[News] A Robot Cleaner is C.N Blue's pet?

On the OBS Interview, C.N. Blue Jonghyun and Jungshin revealed that they have a robot cleaner, which is a present from a fan. Because whenever they enter their dorm, the robot cleaner is working they love it so much. Even Yonghwa called it his puppy.
Read the caption below!
May.16 OBS interview - Jonghyun & Jungshin

Q: Episode in the dorm?
Jungshin: Everyday is episode. Always funny and good. I am so happy that we four are living together.
Jonghyun: Brothers used to blame Yonghwa hyung that he doesn't clean the house.
One fan presented him a robot cleaner. Every time we enter home, the robot cleaner is working.
Yonghwa hyung says that it's his pet. In my eyes, that kid looks cute too.
Yonghwa hyung calls it his puppy.
Q: Do you talk to it?
Jonghyun: Yes, we calls it, "Wow my cute baby." We are loving it.
Cute, isn't it?

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