[News] Relentless rain could not smolder the ''fire'' of Super Show

At exactly 7 PM, the stage lit up with cheers of fans, the color of sapphire blue from the lightsticks also adding to create a passionate atmosphere for the performance night. On the screen, the clip introducing SS3 was incredibly impressive with its powerful music and enciting atmosphere. The stage of SS3 truly moved the hearts of fans.

During the first performance, Donghae appeared on stage with a white outfit. He slowly flew up from the round podium at the center of the stage. Then, the members appeared one after another from the center and all four directions presented the group’s “crown” song, Sorry Sorry.

The following song was Super Girl, the song which had given popularity to SJ M.

Still wearing white outfits like princes, Suju performed the song which had given the group popularity during the earlier days, Don’t Don. The fireworks flared bright on stage, scaring member Yesung for a second, but he quickly recovered. The two Chinese members Henry and Zhoumi can out and performed with a style of Rock.

No Other was the next song performed by the group on the SS3 stage.

Each member took on a specific character according to his personality, like Mont Mart*, the bullfighter, King Pharaoh, the native snake-charmer, the native amazon boy, the Buckingham soldier, the Great Wall builder, the knowledgeable Dubai prince ..one after the other came out to greet the audience. Super Junior said “I love you”, and leader Lee Teuk said “Hello” in Vietnamese.

The following song of the concert was Don’t back girl*.

The next song was Good Person. With the hotness in Gò Đậu Stadium, Siwon and Eunhyuk had taken off their shirts, revealing their charming muscles. Suju sang Rogukko. Before that, Siwon appeared very cute with a pair of angel wings, causing more excitement among the audience. Leeteuk wore a traditional Vietnamese hat appearing very “Vietnamese.”

In turn, members Ryeowook (and) Kyuhyun sang their solos. Then, Eunhyuk and Donghae dueted I want I love you*. Lee Teuk, with a piano, sang a song in Chinese. Chinese member Henry rocked the stage with Baby Baby.

Sung Min presented a song with a hot performance with female dancers. Then, Eunhyuk with Down. Super Junior M* sang Tok Tok Tok. Even though busy doing his military service, a life-size cardboard cutout of him was brought on stage*.

Heechul exploded the stage with the Lady Gaga performance with the song Poker Face. ShinDong, Eunhyuk, and Donghae also transformed into charming Beyonce.

At Gò Đậu Stadium, the weather showed signs of rain and the fans began to worry for their idols. Since the weather had been gloomy since the afternoon, many fans brought raincoats.

The Super Junior members went into areas without an overhang, performing under the rain.

Suju continued to perform their hit songs, like Shake it up, TWINS. Subgroup KRY also presented its own songs. The song All My Heart was gifted from the group to ELF, the ones who were always by their side and supporting the group. The small amount of rain did not hamper the atmosphere of SS3. Best vocal Yesung performed the song It Has to be You - the OST of Cinderella Sister.

Super Junior M sang Perfection. The song Bonamana had stirred up the mood of the speakers like never before. Lee Teuk “broke” the stage when he took off his shirt, revealing his sexy upper body. Siwon also tore off his shirt under the increasingly heavy rain.

Suju then performed the exciting songs Dancing Out and You*.

The concert night ended successfully even though it had rained hard. Suju proceeded backstage but not one fan left his or her spot, waiting to see if there was still anything surprising in store. It was a night truly worthwhile for the fans of Suju who had experienced many emotions from their idols.

The big surprise had happened, (and) Super Junior returned to the stage with a performance presenting various vegetables and the song Cooking Cooking. All 10 boys were soaked in rain and threw balls of various colors as a parting gift for the audience.

The concert officially ended with the words of thanks and farewell to Suju’s Vietnamese audience. The stage was incredibly slippery and wet, but each member gave his best in the last song. Even though the fans were sad that meeting (with SJ) was under hard rain, they felt that passion and the support was well deserved. With the promise that they (SJ) would return, ELF Vietnam will still have more opportunities to listen to and support the boys of Super Junior.

Source: 2sao.vn
Translated by: Sessasha @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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