[News] Preview/synopsis of Kiss and Cry Ep 2 (May 29th broadcast)

The challenge on the ice rink continues!
Jin Ji Hee transforms into a cute cupid girl for her dainty performance!
Moon Boon Hong (Kim Joo Won’s mum in ‘Secret Garden’), Park Jun Geum, Kim Byung Man

Finally, the final ranking of the 10 stars is revealed!!
Who will have the honour of being ranked 1st place?!

Selection of partners by the stars!
A splendid and thrilling performance by the professional figure skaters!
Leading to the partner selection.. starting from the person in first place, each of the stars get to choose a professional skater as their partner.

Broadcast: May 19th, 5:20PM KST

Translation/summary: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: SBS Kiss and Cry