[NEWS] New KBS Idol Singer Reality Show, Changmin, Junsu

Following the success of the reality show "I'm A Singer" featuring singers that are mainly known for their vocals and staying power in the music industry comes a new KBS show!

It will be called "Immortal Song 2", following "Immortal Song" which aired in 2007-2009. The first season involved renowned Korean artists to teach various entertainers how to sing their top hit songs. This upcoming season will follow a similar concept involving all idol stars. Basically, idol stars will sing the songs of veteran singers and then be judged by the original, legendary singers themselves. Every week, viewers will be able to see if these idol stars improve or not. The difference between "Immortal Song 2" and "I'm A Singer" will be that participants will not be eliminated.

Three main factors the show will aim to follow is to first, focus mainly on singing and no other entertaining talents. Second, the stars will not be allowed to imitate the original singers, but must sing each song in their own way. Lastly, the vibe of the show won't be stressful so the contestants must have fun and not let the competition get to them and bring them down.

The final list of featured stars was released on May 4th through the producer Kwon Jae-yong's twitter account. TVXQ's (op's note: kbs world made a mistake on this part. It's 2AM's Changmin not TVXQ. They even used 2AM Changmin's photo for the article.) 2AM's Changmin, SISTAR's Hyorin, Beast's Yoseop, miss A's Min, Super Junior's Yesung, and solo artist IU will participate with a song by Shim Soo-bong. Originally, SHINee's Jong-hyun was thought to have also been one of the featured idol stars, but conflicting schedules prevented this from happening. There's also still a possibility that 2PM's Jun-su may be added to the lineup later.

The first recording will be shot on May 16th with the pilot episode slated to air in June.

Source: http://world.kbs.co.kr/english/program/pro...il.htm?No=14739