[News] A new concept SM Idol Group to be launched in May

SM is currently preparing to debut a new group of 7 Koreans and 5 Chinese, two separate teams under one group name.

They will start activities with the Korean and Chinese versions of the same song at the same time in Korea and China.

They are one group of 12 members in two teams.

They will debut in Korea and China in May.

Edit: “We are currently preparing to launch two new groups. One will consist of 7 Koreans and the other will consist of 5 Chinese members. The interesting thing about this is that the two groups will have the same name. Now we are planning to launch the groups simultaneously in Korea and China–singing the same song in two different languages. We plan to instigate this new idea of two separate groups that will be promoting two parts of one bigger group of 12 members this May.”

[from Lee Sooman's lecture in Stanford University]

Source: http://youtu.be/CYXVtUP1Yr4

Trans by jujugal

hmm.. remember the rumour about another new SM boyband group named M1? Firstly let's take a look of their predebut photos. Netizens identified the photo above to be these 7 korean members.

Kim Jongin (1994)
Kim Joonmyeon (1992)
Park Chanyeol (1992)
Junghun (1992)
Kim Munkyu

Does it mean that the chinese members will be launched in China and the korean members will be launched in Korea? well..Let's wait and see...

source : Daum Bulletin Boards