[News] LOEN responds to comments about IU’s lack of skating practice for ‘Kiss and Cry’

Singer IU took up the harsh challenge of figure skating and appeared on the show SBS “Kiss and Cry”, which was broadcasted on May 22nd.

Entering the ice rink wearing a cute pink dress, she sang “Good Day” and showed off her body wave to the tune of Aqua’s “Cartoon Heroes”, even falling to her knees in the middle of the performance. However, she got up right away and cheerfully made a heart sign with her arms above her head as the finishing touch to her performance.

After the show was broadcasted, some netizens gave comments regarding IU’s lack of practice, such as, “There’s probably a reason behind why IU scored the lowest” and “It’s a pity that the stage was less than perfect”.

On May 23rd, Newsen spoke on the phone with a representative from IU’s agency, LOEN Entertainment, who revealed, “In the last couple of months, IU had a lot of schedules. Despite having to deal with killing schedules both overseas and locally, IU practised figure skating passionately and enthusiastically. She wakes up early in the morning to go to the practice room and when she returns late at night, quite often she drags her fatigued body to the practice room again.”

“Although it’s true that compared to the rest, she had less time to practise figure skating, IU practised in her spare time and it’s regrettable that her efforts were not recognised. In future, she will continue to do her best for the show.”

Meanwhile, the show had its first broadcast on May 22nd and has received warm feedback from the audience, including “I can tell the idols are sincerely putting in effort and that touched me more than any other entertainment program”, “It’s good to see that the idols are trying hard despite their busy schedules” and “I’m looking forward to the future transformations of the idols”.

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: Newsen via Nate
Original article: http://news.nate.com…/20110523n20216