[News] Loen Entertainment slams speculations about IU receiving jaw surgery

Netizens are buzzing over a picture of IU that was uploaded onto the website of a facial plastic surgery clinic.

Noting that the clinic specializes in jaw surgery, netizens wondered whether the picture was taken after she had undergone surgery herself. After all, it’s normal for celebrities to pose for a picture with doctors if they get sponsorships from their clinics.

The speculation led Loen Entertainment to clarify the matter through TV Daily on May 20th. They stated, “Rumors of her getting jaw surgery are completely unfounded. The clinic pictured in the photo does specialize in jaw surgery, but they also do dermatology as well. IU went to the clinic once or twice in 2009 for skin care, but she hasn’t returned since. It’s weird that people think that she automatically received surgery because she took a picture in a clinic. There are pictures of other celebrities with that clinic and we’re gravely upset that it’s only IU who received such rumors.”

They continued, “We would just like to thank everyone for their interest in IU, but as she is still young, we ask that you please refrain from creating rumors that will hurt her.”

Source Via : Nate
Credits: askactor