[News] Leeteuk Represents Korean Wave Idols in an Interview with ‘News Desk’, ‘Popularity Seems Real Now’

Leeteuk from the male group Super Junior represented Korean Wave Idols.

On the 4th (of May), MBC ‘News Desk’ has been shedding some light about the breakthrough success of the Korean wave in Europe and even until South America regions.

On that day, ‘News Desk’ showed how the French fans of Korean Idol singers who weren’t able to get tickets for the first *local concert grabbed the attention of many people with their demonstration.

One local fan conveyed her wishes, saying that “I was disappointed that there wasn’t enough time to buy the ticket. I hope there will be another show.”

This day, Super Junior’s Leeteuk, who was interviewed to represent Korean Wave Idol Singers, said that “South America is a country that you would usually associate with football, however, after seeing the video of people dancing to our choreography at UCC, I realised that ‘Ah, so we are becoming more popular.'

Source: TVDaily
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