[News] Lee Min Ho's wears 'hunter style'

"City Hunter" Lee Min-ho has attention focused on his 8 different 'hunter looks'.

Lee Min-ho has the role of MIT doctorate Lee Yoon-seong, a Blue House National Communications Team agent in the SBS drama "City Hunter" coming this 25th. He is bright, optimistic and friendly, fights for justice but secretly fights with loneliness.

As much as it is an ambivalent character, Lee Min-ho is engaged in the drama like no other. Along with various actions and deep inner character performances, he is also taking concern to his chic fashion style in the drama.

Lee Min-ho displays enchanting 'hunter looks' in the drama. His long limbs and similar 'hunter looks' have netizen's focused on him.

He has been debating with stylists and the production staff to be able to perfectly express the "City Hunter" through fashion and managed to come up with the 'hunter look' after a long time of discussion.

Amongst the 8 different 'hunter looks', they look dandy and sharp. Simple but sophisticated long jacket and loose T-shirt, and the basic pants express a neat and stylish atmosphere. Those looking serious due to its neat style were given highlights with pink and red. Silky outfits were also matched with metallic buttons and spangle looks.

Also, to express the complicated character more symbolically, he created an unbalanced hair style. A slightly wavy 'bling perm' and diagonally cut bang is fit right in with the ambivalent character.

The monotone, simple but stylish City Hunter look blends in well with Lee Min-ho's hair style and pointy nose as well as his sharp eyes and expressions.

Lee Min-ho's stylist says, "rather than just leading the trend, we thought it more important to capture a concept that fits right in with the character. Lee Min-ho's "City Hunter" looks have been created through a long term of concentration and analyzing so hopefully, it can fully express Lee Yoon-seong".

"City Hunter" is coming this 25th.

Source Via : Nate
Credits: askactor