[News] Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young showed ''Love Judo'' in ''City Hunter''

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young showed love eye contact by “love judo” on a delicate mood.

They are casted as Lee Yun Sung who belongs to National map and network team and is from MIT Ph.D and Kim Nana who is a bodyguard of government and from judo player each.

They were shooting the scene learning judo at the gym in Seoul on 29th. Kim Nana (Park Min Young) was teaching Lee Yun Sung (Lee Min Ho) judo for a guard. He is expert in martial arts and a good athlete, but he took a lesson from Kim Nana while hiding his ability after entering government.  

Lee Min Ho faced with Park Min Young in a sweet situation as he was flung by her. They made an eye contact while a sweet situation like they are kissing is made.

They took a judo lesson about two months from the expert in judo before filming 'City Hunter' to get the judo scene like real. They showed enthusiasm for drama by exercising judo after shooting was started.

Park Min Young strived to exercise judo impassionedly to express Kim Nana with a reality. Experts were unsparing of their praises on her fast adaptability. 

She often threw Lee Min Ho with a shoulder throw like a trade mark, and it was changed from the scene Makimura Kaori, a female character, swings 100 tons hammer to Saeba Ryo, a male character when she is upset.

Production crew talked “They had been building judo skills for several months before the shooting. Their efforts will be showed up on the screen without a touch. Hope much attention will be given.”

Source Via : Osen
Credits: askactor