[News] Kiss and Cry PD ''IU is really working hard''

SBS 'Kim Yuna's Kiss and Cry' (also 'Ki and Cr' / KiCr)'s Kim Jae Hyuk PD commented on IU's lack of practice. 'KiCr' is a program whereby 10 artists skate and perform on ice. The last episode on the 22nd was the first broadcasting after 3 months of practice. Without any special skills, IU took a stand and gave a simple performance. After the broadcast, there were comments that "IU had a busy schedule and was unable to practice very much".

Regarding this issue, Kim Jae Hyuk PD commented, "IU really worked hard. With a 24/7 busy and filled schedule to handle, she is already doing her best," and "the program aims to focus not just on the results but also on the efforts that the performers put in behind their performances". That is to say, the program does not intend to display only good skating but to show how much effort and practice pays off, and in a different environment. Kim Jae Hyuk PD also said, "This program also shows anyone can enjoy it as an exercise. To show this wide age range, we also got Park Joon Keum and Jin Ji Hee to join us. Although the upcoming results will reflect everyone's best efforts, they will also show how the cast has enjoyed the process".

During the past 24 days of filming, Kim Jae Hyuk PD said, "Everyone on the film set, will be doing their best and practicing hard together with their partners. In particular, IU, Jin Ji Hee and Suh Ji Suk, even had rivalry forming between them," and, "they would playfully say things like, 'I can't lose to that person' as they had fun during filming". He revealed that of higher importance than coming in first place was that in the actual process during practice, the cast members develop their character and forge closer relationships with one another.

Meanwhile, "Kiss and Cry" judges (drama, musical specials) change every five times. Not only skating but the music, drama [NOTE: acting, performance], and even dance is an important consideration to be evaluated by the judges.

Translation: Kyouria @ WeHeartIU.com
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