[News] Jung Yonghwa’s 180 Degrees Transformation in “Heartstrings”

“Milk Guy” Jung Yonghwa stars as the cold hearted “Lee Shin” and begins capturing women’s hearts.

In MBC’s new drama “Heartstrings“, Jung Yonghwa‘s character is the vocalist of a band who lives or dies with his guitar yet having an unpredictable side of him too (rather ill mannered, and sometimes silly).

In the photo release, Jung Yonghwa looks so absorbed while playing the guitar, that leads to greater anticipation (of his acting) seeing his focused eyes as the guitar prodigy Lee Shin.

Jung Yonghwa then explained, “Upon receiving the script, I thought Lee Shin’s character was cold and rather ignorant. But as I got into the character more, I realized the “coldness” was because he has no interest in anything but music. Inside, Lee Shin is charismatic person who is also warm hearted and meticulous.”

He also added, “I’m happy to be in a good production (of the drama) and that my character fits me and allows me show myself as an actor, and I am also working hard to fulfill viewer’s expectations.”

Heartsrings, a youth melodrama which focuses on the dreams, friendship and love of the youths with the setting of an arts university will start airing on June 29, after MBC’s drama The Greatest Love ends.

Source : Nate

Translated by: fizzy@cnbluestorm