[News] JOO ''I always wanted to do a duet with Leeteuk''

Special: Joo and Leeteuk’s sweet ‘Ice Cream’

This spring, sweet voice Joo and Leeteuk will let you hear ‘Ice Cream’ the serenade, sweet like ice cream. Through this song Joo, who usually sang ballad songs, will show her new side along with Leeteuk, who hasn’t sang a duet before. This song highlights the two people’s wonderful combination. ‘Ice cream’ is a song with bright melody line, and has lyrics that express a couple’s phychology differences in a fun and interesting way.

Naver Music will reveal everything behind the scenes of their jacket album shoot, which reminds of a friendly couple, through an interview with Joo and Leeteuk.

Credits: JYP Entertaintment

Video 1: Joo, Leeteuk Greeting Video 

Hello, Naver Music! I am Joo, I am Leeteuk ^^ I came back with a fresh new song for May! I sang the digital single ‘Ice Cream’ with Super Junior, Leeteuk, who is sitting next to me~ Everybody! I think by listening to this song, many will agree. This song expresses the phychological differences between a couple in a fun way through lyrics. And by listening to this song, you will want to love. (omit) Naver Music, please give lots of love for ‘Ice Cream’, and please give plenty of love to Joo and Super Junior Leeteuk. Thank you everybody.
Interview with Joo

Q: As you were working on the duet with Leeteuk, what were some of the parts that you enjoyed the most?

A: I always wanted to do a duet with Leeteuk, and I was really happy to have done it. Oppa must have been tired from many of his schedules, but he was very kind and took care of me. There were consecutive touching moments~!

Q: The jacket photos are very nice and seem to be like wedding pictures. Is there an episode while you were shooting for this?

A: There were many scenes where we had to hold ice creams, to fit the song title. Because it was indoors, the ice creams melted very quickly, so Teukie oppa and I had to keep eating it, to not spil it~ But in the end, it was all over our clothes and hands ^^ 

(Photo: Jacket photoshoot with cute JOO and Leeteuk )
*edited to only Leeteuk parts

Source: Naver Music
Translated by Jee HERE