[News] Jonghyun confirmed to be in Immortal Masterpiece 2

It is true that "Immortal Masterpiece 2" looks similar to "I Am Singer" of MBC Our Sunday Night. But the two programs have different formats. If "I Am Singer" is a survival game, "Immortal Masterpiece 2" will select only the winner.

They are also different in selection process. "I Am Singer" decides the ranking of the contestants with the help of audience judges, but in "Immortal Masterpiece 2" the “legend singer” who participated in the day’s filming will judge the idol contestants’ singing skills.

However, the program may lose its tension without elimination.

The production team is planning to make the competition serious enough to compensate for it. In the first season of "Immortal Masterpiece 2" the MCs imitated the old hit songs of “legend singers” to entertain viewers.

According to Kwon Jaeyoung PD, the second season will show serious stages with idol contestants singing and being judged like in real contests. He said, “The singers don’t have to worry about being eliminated, but as the contestants are all peers, they are already feeling competitive.”

SHINee Jonghyun, 2AM Changmin, BEAST Yoseop, and Sista Hyorin are confirmed to be in the season two. The production team is casting other idol vocals. The first episode will be filmed on May 16.

The “legend singer” guest for the first episode has already been cast. Kwon PD hinted, “You will be surprised,” and added “Wait until it is aired to find out who the guest is.”

Source: E-Daily
Translated by: jujugal